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Beko RFNE 290L21 W 250 L

Photos - Freezer Beko RFNE 290L21 W 250 L
Beko RFNE 290L21 W
Product type
250 L
No Frost
Number of compartments
Power failure autonomy
18 h
Freeze capacity
16 kg/day
Fast freeze
Reversible door
Door alarm
internal rotary knobs
Energy class
Energy consumption per year
307 kWh
Climate class
SN, N, ST, T
Noise level
42 dB
Dimensions (HxWxD)
171x60x65 cm
Official website
Added to E-Catalog
april 2016

The Beko freezer is a 171 cm high home unit for storing frozen food. The device can be classified as a solution in the middle price segment. At the same time, one of its main features is the No Frost system, which excludes the formation of frost in the working chamber and, accordingly, allows you to do without manual defrosting. The capacity of the model is 250 liters, which in practice is quite enough for families of 4 or 5 people.

The Beko RFNE 290L21 W freezer is divided into 7 compartments, including two lockable compartments in the upper part and five drawers. The shelves are made of tempered glass and are able to withstand heavy loads (up to 25 kg). Up to 16 kg of food can be frozen inside per day (including up to 2 kg of ice). In the event of problems with the power supply, the cold in the working chamber can remain up to 18 hours. Other features of the device include a moderate noise level (up to 42 dB), class A + energy consumption (up to 307 kWh per year) and a simple mechanical control that allows you to set the operating temperature and / or activate quick freezing. There is also an audible alarm for the open door and the possibility of re-hanging the latter.

The information in the model description is for reference purposes.
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Морозильна камера Beko RFNE290L21W

Рассрочка 0% на 15 пл.
АЛЛОWith us for more than 10 years
Warranty: 36 month
17 999 

Холодильник Beko RFNE 290L21 W

Установка: отдельностоящая (соло) Тип холодильника: камера Система охлаждения: капельная Общий объем, л: 290 л Объе... moreм морозильной камеры, л: 250 л Цвет: белый Управление: механическое Энергопотребление: A+ Количество компрессоров: 1 Количество камер: 1 Количество дверей: 1 Уровень шума: 42 дБ Мощность замораживания: 16 кг/24 ч Габариты (ШxГxВ): 171,4х60х65 см
Eldom.com.uaWith us for 3 years
17 794 

Морозильна камера Beko RFNE290L21W

Виконання: та, що стоїть окремо / Кількість дверей: 1 / Об'єм камери, л: 201 - 250 / Система розморожування: No Frost / Управ... moreління: електромеханічне / Особливості: перенавешивать двері, Антибактеріальне покриття
Stylus.uaWith us for more than 10 years
Warranty: manufacturer
16 622 


Дверцята зі змінним напрямком відкривання залежно від дизайну кухні. На деяких кухнях дверцята холодильника мають відчинятися... moreлише в певному напрямку. З перенавішуваними дверцятами ви зможете встановити петлі зліва чи справа та самостійно вирішити, у яку сторону відчинятиметься холодильник. Крім того, ви можете поставити два холодильники поряд і встановити петлі так, щоб дверцята в них відчинялися в протилежних напрямках.
Technobazar.kiev.uaWith us for 10 years
16 399 


Pro100market.com.uaWith us for 4 years
Warranty: manufacturer
15 982 
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good model, I liked it
At first we were going to buy a modest freezer with a volume of 150-160 liters, then the appetite grew to two hundred, but in the end we took this not weak-sized device, which has a total volume of almost 300 liters, of which 250 liters of usable space is calculated. "But Frost" was also not included in our plans from the very beginning, such models are always noticeably more expensive than those with a conventional static freezing system. But while they were calving with the purchase, money suddenly arrived and some of them were additionally invested in this freezer.
With all its huge volume, and 250 is really a lot, this freezer got up in the kitchen without any problems. After all, the dimensions of its base are only 60 by 60 centimeters, and 170+ centimeters of height do not strain at all. You can store in it not just a lot, but everything fits in it! Five large drawers, one of which is a completely gigantic "Big Box" can take a lot of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. It is only important to remember that it is highly desirable to pack products in a dense polymer film or containers. Otherwise, odors will crawl through the freezer and, due to the No Frost system, the products will probably dry out. It is best to freeze on the top two shelves. If you also turn on the special quick freezing mode, then 2-4 kg of food will freeze in just a couple of hours. LED lightening. This camera is assembled in Turkey and has an official branded two-year warranty.
The actual consumption of electricity is more than the declared 0.85 kWh per day. Although now, in the summer, when frost often occurs, it should be larger on average.
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