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Darex Energy DE-16RS Zn

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Fuel: diesel; Output voltage: 400 В; Rated power (kW): 11; Maximum power (kW): 12.8; Alternator: synchronous; Engine size (cm³): 1810; Fuel consumption (L/h): 4.1; Fuel tank volume (L): 80; Continuous work time (h): 19.5; Engine cooling: liquid; autostart (ATS); automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
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Darex Energy DE-16RS Zn
11 kW
maximum12.8 kW
12.8 kW
maximum14 kW
Output voltage400 В
Rated power11 kW
Max power12.8 kW
ICE type4 stroke
Engine modelRicardo Y480BD
Engine size1810 cm³
Launch typeelectric starter
Fuel consumption4.1 L/h / at 100% load, 3.4 L/h at 75% load /
Fuel tank capacity80 L
Fuel gauge
Time of continuous work19.5 h / at 100% load, 23.5 h at 75% load /
Engine coolingliquid
Functionsautostart (ATS)
automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
hour metre
Soundproofing casing
Protection levelIP 23
Noise level75 dB / at a distance of 7 m /
Dimensions1900x850x1150 mm
Weight670 kg
Added to E-Catalogjanuary 2018
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