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Grunhelm GI-A2018 black

Photos - Cooker Grunhelm GI-A2018 black
Grunhelm GI-A2018 black
year 2019
Hob typeelectric
Burner controlstouch controls
Hob materialglass-ceramic
Number of induction burners1
Big burner power2 kW
More features
Automatic switch-offhob
More specs
Connected load2 kW
Added to E-Catalogdecember 2019

An easy-to-use and at the same time relatively inexpensive single-burner stove, which can serve as a good choice for temporary use, travel, use in the country, etc. The model has only one burner, but it uses one of the most advanced, safe and fast heating methods - induction . Thanks to this, the Grunhelm GI-A2018 stove heats the dishes directly during operation, which significantly increases the overall efficiency. But at the same time, the device requires the use of special compatible dishes. The connection power is 2 kW. The coating of the working surface is glass-ceramic. The advantages of glass ceramics are resistance to heat and high permeability to heat and electromagnetic radiation, as well as ease of cleaning.

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Плитка GRUNHELM GI-A2018

FOXTROT.UAWith us for 6 years
1 699 

Електрична індукційна плита сенсорна Grunhelm GI-A2018 2000 Вт

Marketplace: Rozetka.ua  Golden Life With us for 3 years
1 949 

Індукційна настільна плита Grunhelm GI-A2018

Marketplace: Rozetka.ua  ShopСom With us for 3 years
1 699 

Електроплита індукційна 2000W Grunhelm GI-A2018 плита Чорний

Marketplace: Rozetka.ua  Vander With us for 3 years
1 695 
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