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Purmo Santorini C 742x714

Photos - Heated Towel Rail Purmo Santorini C 742x714
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Type: water; Design: ladder; Thermal power (W): 661; Maximum operating t (°C): 110; Connection: bottom (vertical); Material: steel; Country of origin: Finland; Dimensions (mm): 742x714x135;
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Purmo Santorini C 742x714
Thermal power
661 W
Maximum operating t
110 °C
bottom (vertical)
Number of jumpers
Country of origin
Dimensions (WxHxD)
742x714x135 mm / weight — 9.2 kg /
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november 2015
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Additional features heated towel rail Purmo Santorini C 742x714:
  • The area of the heated room is 6.61 m2
  • Connection — 4 branch pipes with a diameter of 1/2 "