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Inflatable pools with stairs

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— family pools with high sides are more comfortable to use together with special ladders, which greatly facilitate the descent into the water and the rise of a person from the pool. Many modern pools are initially equipped with a branded ladder. Such a solution can be very convenient, since it ensures that the dimensions and parameters of the stairs exactly match the depth of the pool. For models with a height of 1 metre or more, it is strongly recommended to use stairs; without it, getting inside the structure can be problematic even for an adult.
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Inflatable Pool Intex 26166
Intex 26166
Volume:12430 L
Size:457х457х107 cm
Board height:107 cm
Weight:41 kg
Price from 10 126 to 11 999 ₴
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Inflatable Pool Intex 26168
Intex 26168
Volume:14141 L
Size:457х457х122 cm
Board height:122 cm
Weight:44.6 kg
Price from 9 168 to 14 776 ₴
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Inflatable Pool Bestway 57148
Bestway 57148
Volume:13807 L
Size:457х457х122 cm
Board height:122 cm
Weight:53 kg
Price from 11 999 ₴
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