For sports at an amateur level, inexpensive watches from the Casio Illuminator series are well suited — they will show the current time and measure the pace of laps (as well as the entire distance as a whole). Models of the detachment are made in a plastic case and are completed with rubber straps. Their water resistance level is basic — from WR 30.

The dials of Casio Illuminator watches are digital or mixed, less often they are fully arrow with small windows to display the current date and day of the week. The backlight of the screen is provided by built-in sources. One battery in the watch is enough for 7-10 years of operation without the need to replace the battery.

Watches from the Casio Illuminator collection will suit a wide range of "carriers".

The series includes both massive models for men's wrists, as well as more sophisticated ones for women, children and in unisex style. The display of the Illuminator watch clearly shows the time and other important information. And most importantly, with all their merits, the family models have a very democratic cost. You certainly won’t have to pay extra for watches at the stage of purchase.