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Trolley bags

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— by design and use, such bags are similar to small household carts used for the transport of goods. In the lower part of such products there are a pair of wheels for transportation and “parking” supports, at the top there is a handle for transportation, and the bag itself is fixed on a rigid frame. They carry the cart behind them, tilting forward, and the supports also play the role of a brake during stops. Rolling such a bag is much more convenient than a suitcase: large wheels easily cope with uneven roads. However the design turns out to be rather bulky, heavy and unsuitable for long-term carrying in the hands. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase such bags precisely for those cases when it is preferable to roll luggage than to carry it, and there is a lot of space for its transportation.
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Travel Bags Gimi Kool
60 L, pockets: 1 external, polyester, 2.85 kg

Travel Bags Gimi Easy 40
40 L, polyester, 1.9 kg

Travel Bags Gimi Tris New
52 L, polyester, 2.79 kg

Travel Bags Rolser I-Max MF 2LRSG 43
43 L, pockets: 1 external, 2 internal, polyester, 2.94 kg

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Travel Bags Gimi Argo
45 L, pockets: 1 external, polyester, 1.86 kg

Travel Bags Gimi Twin New
50 L, pockets: 2 external, polyester, 2.8 kg

Travel Bags Gimi Twin
56 L, pockets: 2 external, polyester, 2.7 kg

Travel Bags Gimi Sprinter
50 L, polyester, 2.2 kg

Travel Bags Rolser Pep MF Joy 39
39 L, polyester, 1.8 kg

Travel Bags Gimi Komodo
50 L, polyester, 2.2 kg

Travel Bags Rolser I-Max Tweed 6 43
43 L, pockets: 1 external, polyester, 2.72 kg

Travel Bags Rolser I-Max MF 2L 43
43 L, pockets: 2 internal, polyester, 2.48 kg

Travel Bags Gimi Brava Plus
38 L, polyester, 1.06 kg

Travel Bags Gimi Argo New
42 L, pockets: 1 external, polyester, 1.5 kg

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