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Gefest 6500-02 0044 black (ПГ 6500-02 0044)

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Stylish domestic gas cooker with semi-automatic electric ignition and thermostatic gas oven with timer, spit, grill and gas control. The manufacturer is positioned as a product of the middle price category, aimed at users who choose reliable branded household appliances with an advantageous combination of price and functionality. An important feature of this model is its spectacular exterior design, which includes an enameled hob and a glass front. The Gefest 6500-02 0044 gas stove has standard dimensions of 60x60 cm. This allows it to be easily combined with typical kitchen furniture and standard dimensions of other large household appliances. Four adjustable gas burners of the hob have different rated heat output (auxiliary 0.5-1.0 kW, two medium power 0.5-1.8 kW and one powerful 0.75-3....0 kW). The stove is equipped with cast iron grates, which are a reliable support for dishes and will not change their solid appearance over time. The 52 L gas oven is equipped with a double glazed hinged door, spit, gas grill, thermostat and mechanical timer (does not control the stove).
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1 October 2019, 09:15
Неисправности духового шкафа #
После розжига и нагрева духовки пламя уменьшается почти возле MIN.Не возможно выставить промежуточный температурный режим. В чём причина?
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