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JBL Xtreme

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Waterproof mobile speaker system with wireless connection, signature JBL sound, built-in Li-Ion battery and power bank function. It is positioned as a product of the upper part of the middle price category of 2017. It features an impressive output power rating of up to 40W, making it one of the loudest devices in its class. The built-in Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 10000 mAh provides up to 15 hours of autonomous sound and allows you to use the JBL Xtreme speaker system as a universal high-capacity mobile battery that can become a power source for charging a smartphone, a battery case for portable TWS headphones, a navigator, an action camera etc. For a bright sound with a pronounced bass tone, two powerful low-frequency woofers with a diameter of 63 mm, two high-frequency acoustic rad...iators with a size of 35 mm and two passive low-frequency resonators that enhance rich bass are responsible. This speaker system can sound rooms up to 40 m² and will help organize a small open-air party. For wireless connection of the speaker with a sound source (smartphone, laptop, tablet), the Bluetooth 4.1 interface is used, which can work stably at a distance of up to 10 m. Equipped with a noise-canceling microphone for conference calls. The JBL Connect feature allows you to connect multiple compatible speakers to each other.
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24 October 2021, 15:02
Есть ли встроенный усилитель #
Есть или нет? И как понять есть ли в колонке, если акустике усилитель?
Дмитрий26 October 2021, 16:23
Активная — с усилителем, пассивная — без, портативные колонки пассивными не бывают обычно.





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