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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1000 GB
bundle + game

Photos - Gaming Console Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1000 GB bundle + game
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"Bundle" is a special name for a set consisting of several goods used in the gaming industry. In this case, the set includes almost everything that the most popular fourth-generation Sony PlayStation game console can offer to a video game lover. So, by purchasing one product, the user immediately receives the set-top box in the advanced Pro modification, the PlayStation VR virtual reality helmet, motion controllers (used to control the game character using the user’s movements), a branded digital camera, as well as two control joysticks and a game disc . The console itself, if you compare it with the classic PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Slim, boasts more advanced hardware and support for 4K images. Please note that such kits are usually cheaper than buying each item separately.
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