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Case Logic DSLR Shoulder Bag (TBC-409)

Photos - Camera Bag Case Logic DSLR Shoulder Bag
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By appointment: for cameras (SLR); Type: bag; Camera compartments: 165x114x185; Removable partitions; External offices: 3; Compartment for personal items; Bottle pocket; Carrying handle; Shoulder strap; Material: soft; Dimensions (mm): 203x140x249; Weight (g): 300;
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Case Logic DSLR Shoulder Bag
By appointment
for cameras (SLR)
Compartments for the camera (lens)
165x114x185 mm
Removable partitions
External offices
Compartment for personal items
Bottle pocket
Carrying handle
Shoulder strap
203x140x249 mm
300 g
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may 2012

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