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Heng Long Leopard II A6 1:16 (3889-1)

Photos - RC Tank Heng Long Leopard II A6 1:16
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Heng Long Leopard II A6 1:16
Model Scale1:16
Shootingair gun
Maximum movement speed12 km/h
Tower rotation / на 345° /
Raise the gun / на 30° /
Turn in place
Recoil when fired
Sound effects
Lighting effects
Smoke generator
Battery capacity1.7 Ah
Battery voltage7.2 V
Battery typeNi-Cd
Number of batteries1
Working hours30 min
Radio channel frequency2.4 GHz
Power source8xAA
Copy of the original
Categoryсовременные танки
Subclassgerman tanks
Track materialplastic
Dimensions686х236х190 mm
Added to E-Catalogjanuary 2015

Responsive controls, smoke generator, air gun, recoil when shooting, high shooting accuracy, movement speed up to 12 km/h, metal tracks, attachments, travel speed depends on the force of pressing the control stick

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The modern modification of the German Leopard II A6 tank was released in 2001. It is in service with a number of developed countries of the world (Germany, Norway, Sweden, etc.), which once again emphasizes the high-tech level of the combat vehicle.


The radio-controlled tank on a scale of 1:16 from Heng Long has practically no differences from the original — it is made according to all the canons of modeling with high fidelity of body parts. Attachments and various stickers included in the package will also allow you to decorate the tank in the style of a particular army or according to personal preferences.


The control panel of the combat vehicle is equipped with two sticks designed to turn the turret and the gun built into it, as well as for a comfortable ride. The speed of the tank directly depends on the force of pressing the drive lever and in the maximum position of the handle it can reach 12 km/h. The caterpillar mechanism has an independent suspension of the rollers, so high speeds through obstacles or holes should not be a problem. Plastic tracks are supplied out of the box, but they can always be replaced with more reliable metal tracks.


At the rear of the tank is a smoke machine that improvises the operation of the engine. In addition to it, the sound accompaniment of movement and firing adds realism. When picking up speed, the combat vehicle emits a spectacular roar, and when firing from an air gun, it rolls back due to recoil. Fire on enemy positions is carried out with plastic shells at a maximum distance from the target in the region of 25 m.

radio signal

One charge of the complete tank battery with a capacity of 1700 mAh provides up to half an hour of driving, and its full charge takes about 6 hours. The remote control lives much longer, you just need to purchase 8 AA batteries for it. The radio signal from the control panel with a frequency of 2.4 GHz is transmitted over a distance of up to 50 m, which allows you to arrange real tank battles in open areas.

Additional features rc tank Heng Long Leopard II A6 1:16:
  • Independent roller suspension
  • Proportional motion control
  • Airgun fires 6mm projectiles
  • Fluid for smoke generator included
Model modifications:
  • Model Leopard II A6 1:16 — tank undercarriage made of polymer materials
  • Model Leopard II A6 Pro 1:16 — tank undercarriage made of metal

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