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Photos - Juicer MPM MWC-02
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Соковижималка для цитрусових MPM MWC-02
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for citrus
Juice container
0.6 L
30 W
Juice container
Pulse mode
Body material
Conical nozzles
1 pcs
Compartment for cord
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march 2016

One of the simplest and most affordable citrus juicers on the market. The device is intended solely for the rapid extraction of juice from lemons, oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits. At the same time, the resulting drink is distinguished not only by its pleasant taste and freshness, but also boasts a large amount of minerals and vitamins useful for the human body. The MPM MWC-02 juicer has a special cone nozzle, to which you need to attach a half of fruit, press it and turn on the device.

The power of the technique is only 30 W, however, such a device allows you to get the first glass of juice in almost 40-50 seconds. While the manual preparation of citrus juices requires considerable effort, their processing in a centrifugal machine is impossible without additional preparatory operations, a device of this type allows you to do everything as simply and quickly as possible.

The cone press can rotate in different directions, and the ready-to-drink juice passes through a plastic filter that traps the seeds / pulp, and accumulates in a plastic glass. It is important that in the process the juice practically does not heat up and does not lose its beneficial properties. The device itself is characterized by the most compact dimensions, has a special compartment for winding the power cord, as well as a built-in container for collecting fresh juice (volume is 0.6 l).

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