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Beko RFNK 290T21 W 255 L

Photos - Freezer Beko RFNK 290T21 W 255 L
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Beko RFNK 290T21 W
Product type
255 L
No Frost
Number of compartments
Max. temperature
-18 °C
Minimum temperature
-24 °C
Power failure autonomy
18 h
Freeze capacity
16 kg/day
Fast freeze
Reversible door
Door alarm
internal touch controls
Energy class
Energy consumption per year
310 kWh
Climate class
SN, N, ST, T
Operation at sub-zero temperatures
/ up to -15 °C /
Noise level
40 dB
Dimensions (HxWxD)
171x60x65 cm
70 kg
Country of origin
Official website
Added to E-Catalog
september 2016
Minimum operating temperature -24 °C. Electronic control panel. FreezerGuard compressor freeze protection system. Door open alarm.

This model is produced in two variations — white and silver, has a useful chamber volume of 255 liters and a body height of 171 cm. The working chamber is divided into 7 compartments that allow you to store meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and other products separately. The minimum temperature of the freezer is -24 °C, and the capacity of the equipment is enough to freeze up to 16 kg of fresh food per day.

In the event of a power outage or a breakdown of the device, the technician will be able to keep the cold inside for 18 hours, which indicates good thermal insulation of the walls. The Beko RFNK 290T21 W freezer is equipped with the No Frost system, thanks to which ice and frost do not form on the walls of the working chamber, and the device itself does not need forced manual defrosting.

Thanks to the forced circulation of cold air, the provisions are frozen as evenly as possible, which means that they retain a maximum of vitamins and nutrients. The freezer belongs to the energy efficiency class A+ and consumes on average about 310 kW of electricity per year. Has a standard noise level of 40 dB. Special antibacterial protection prevents the formation of fungus, mold, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. The design of the freezer provides the possibility of hanging the door, which expands the installation possibilities.

The information in the model description is for reference purposes.
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Морозильна камера Beko RFNK290T21S

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25 November 2020, 17:29
Морозильник BEKO RFNK 290 T 21 W может работать при минусовой температуре на дач #
Регион использования Тверская область.
24 September 2016, 15:12
Уровень шума #
18 July 2022, 09:37
Загорелся ! значок #
не морозят верхние отсеки
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Turkish Standard No Frost

The freezer of the Turkish manufacturer Beko RFNK 290T21 W is a product of the middle price category with advanced features in this class. The device is equipped with the No Frost automatic defrosting system and does not require complex maintenance. The model is designed for a freezing capacity of 16 kg / day and is able to keep cold without mains power for up to 18 hours. The total capacity of the freezer with overall dimensions of 171x60x65 cm is 290 liters with a useful volume of 255 liters. The internal space is divided into 7 compartments, which occupy 2 closed shelves with hinged lids for quick freezing and 5 drawers for food storage. The appliance is equipped with an indicator electronic control panel located on the upper edge of the freezer. Here you can set the desired cooling temperature and activate the fast freezing mode. The device also received an open door sensor that works after 60 seconds with a simultaneous notification of the user with an audible signal.

Works even in cold weather

A distinctive feature of the freezer is the proprietary FreezerGuard technology, which protects the compressor from defrosting and allows the device to operate at ambient temperatures down to -15 °C. This solution makes it possible to install the device outside residential areas, significantly expanding the area of application. The minimum cooling temperature is -24°C, which makes the fast freezing function more effective. And setting the temperature to -18 °C allows you to achieve a reasonable balance between cooling and energy consumption for long-term storage of food. The model with an annual power consumption of 310 kWh belongs to class A +, which is 20% more energy efficient than class A devices, which provides significant savings in operating costs in the long term.

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