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EnerSol EPC-086FLCT

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Type: plate compactor; Plate compactor: upright; Impact force (kN): 13; Compaction depth (mm): 300; Speed (m/min): 15; Motor type: petrol; Engine size (cm³): 196; Power (hp): 5; Launch type: manual; Water sprinkler system; Wheels; Rubber mat;
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EnerSol EPC-086FLCT
Impact force:13 kN
Engine:petrol, 196 cm³
Power:5 hp
Rammer depth:300 mm
Sole size:540 mm, x 420 mm
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Specifications EPC-086FLCT
Typeplate compactor
Plate compactorupright
Impact force13 kN
Sole length540 mm
Sole width420 mm
Compaction depth300 mm
Speed15 m/min
Motor typepetrol
ICE type4 stroke
Motor typeLCT PW 200
Engine size196 cm³
Power5 hp
Launch typemanual
Water sprinkler system
Rubber mat
Dimensions (HxWxD)700x442x485 mm
Weight86 kg
Added to E-Catalogjune 2020
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