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ThrustMaster T150 Force Feedback (4160628)

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ThrustMaster T150 Force Feedback
Product type
steering wheel
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Number of buttons
Steering wheel turn
1080 °
paddle shifters
Table mount
Power source
Official website
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december 2017

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The official racing simulator for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, which is also compatible with PC (but you will need to download and install drivers for this). It features an ergonomic and realistic 28 cm diameter steering wheel with rubberized grip inserts, buttons and two speed paddles, as well as adjustable angle pedals with progressive resistance. This set is suitable for any racing games (GT, F1, NASCAR, Rally, etc.) and will give you the full experience.

The steering angle is adjustable from 270 to 1080 degrees, and the 12-bit optical readout recognizes 4096 steering axis rotations. The ThrustMaster T150 Force Feedback uses a softer, quieter combination system with a belt pulley and gears, and a ball-bearing metal axle for increased durability. The force feedback drive system with Immersion TouchSense technology will make you feel all the roughness of the race track, terrain, braking and collisions. The device is powered by the mains, it can be attached to a computer desk and any surface with clips. The official firmware ensures that the steering wheel is automatically recognized by the PS4 system.

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Кермо ThrustMaster T150 Force Feedback Official Sony licensed Black (41606

Denika.uaWith us for 8 years
Warranty: 12 month
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Кермо з педалями Thrustmaster PC/PS3/PS4 T150 Sony licensed Black (4160628

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TouchWith us for 4 years
Warranty: manufacturer
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Thrustmaster T150FFB

Click24.in.uaWith us for 1 year
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Great steering wheel for the first time with its shortcomings
If you want to feel like a racer, then this steering wheel is suitable for children or just to enter the world of professional racing (asstto corsa, ACC iRacing), after a month of owning the steering wheel, left it for two weeks, the pedals stopped being pressed to the end, put the springs with which pedal pressure became more complex and the car felt better. When buying this steering wheel, you need to understand that it is quite old, there will be a lot of problems after a year of owning it, problems with the pedals, the right shift paddle began to be pressed very quietly, there are huge gaps on the steering wheel, this is not critical, but it’s not very pleasant to look at, it’s not clear why it started to crunch during the races, but in spite of everything it brings pleasure.
The steering wheel is quite cheap, has 1080 degrees, no alternatives
Build quality, pedal quality, thin handlebar, brittle, pedals flip, crossbar quality
Timofei Istominuse ThrustMaster T150 Force Feedback more than a year
Riley wheel is good!
Outwardly, although it looks simple, but the tactile sensations are chic. The impression of control is as realistic as possible. Vibration transmits the slightest bumps and cracks on the track to the steering wheel. According to the settings, everything is super, it's cool that the steering wheel will react differently in different situations (flat tire, tire explosion, accident, rough road, and so on). Very large stock steering angle. You can customize it as conveniently as possible for each game in your own way. After all, in a eurotruck you don’t need to turn the steering wheel like in a dirt).
Fine adjustment of the angle of rotation. metal petals. Compatible with consoles and computers. High-quality assembly, no backlash. Excellent steering feedback.
Thin rim.
Дмитрий Пuse ThrustMaster T150 Force Feedback a few months
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