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Bosch MCP3500

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Bosch MCP3500
for citrus
Juice container
0.8 L
25 W
Juice container
Number of speeds
Pulse mode
Body material
Conical nozzles
1 pcs
Compartment for cord
Added to E-Catalog
march 2013

The most simple, inexpensive and easy-to-use citrus juicer that allows you to quickly and without any worries prepare fresh fresh juice. Designed for economical users who are ready to be content with basic functionality. This compact device allows you to quickly process lemons, limes, oranges or grapefruits into juice with full preservation of the vitamin composition of processed products.

Due to the compact overall dimensions of the plastic case, it takes up minimal space on the desktop, and a rather attractive exterior design helps the equipment to fit organically into any kitchen interior. For direct preparation of juice, it is necessary to press half of the fruit to the working nozzle and turn on the device. The Bosch MCP3500 juicer has only one speed of operation, but at the same time, a reverse mode is also provided, which allows you to process products as efficiently as possible. For greater hygiene, the manufacturer provides an ergonomic transparent cover that covers the top of the machine. The torque of the 25 W electric motor is enough to vigorously squeeze juice from any citrus fruit. In one go, the user can prepare up to 0.8 liters of juice - that's how much is placed in the complete tank.

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Соковитискач для цитрусових (цитрус-прес) Bosch MCP3500

Бренд: Bosch Тип: Соковитискач для цитрусових (цитрус-прес) Основні характеристики Керування: електричне Потужність, Вт: 25 Матеріал корпусу: пластик Матеріал сітки (фільтра): пластик Обсяг контейнера для соку, л: 0,8 Обсяг контейнера для макухи, л: немає даних Кількість швидкостей: 1 Розміри, см: 20х22х17,8 В... moreага, кг: 0,84 Колір: білий Оснащення Пряма подача соку: немає than year

Bosch MCP 3500 year with us

Соковыжималка для цитрусовых (цитрус-пресс) Bosch MCP3500

body{margin:0;padding:8px;} p{line-height:1.15;margin:0;white-space:pre-wrap;} ol,ul{margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;} img{border:none;} li>p{display:inline;} Максимально простая, недорогая и удобная в использовании соковыжималка для цитрусовых, позволяющая быстро и без каких-либо забот приготовить свежий фреш. Предназначена для экономных пользоват... moreелей, готовых довольствоваться базовой функциональностью. Это компактное устройство позволяет year with us
Warranty: 12 month from store

Соковижималка для цитрусових (цитрус-прес) Bosch MCP3500 year with us
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Excellent citrus press from Bosch
I really, really love citrus juices, so I asked my husband to buy me such a special juicer. There were simpler models in the assortment of stores, but Bosch is practically a guarantee of quality, so it’s better to overpay a bit for a good brand name than to suffer later from low-quality goods and your own stupidity.
Amazingly simple car. There are a minimum of details in it, it is assembled and disassembled literally with one hand. And at the same time, everything is well thought out, the details clearly fall into place and hold as intended. Thanks to this simplicity, washing it after use is also extremely simple, there are no bottlenecks or holes where the cake can get stuck and the cake can get stuck in it. This is an important point, because the pleasure of delicious juice should not be interrupted by a long and difficult wash. The pressing quality is very good. In general, I thought that it was impossible to achieve full extraction of citrus fruits on such a press, but it turned out that it was possible without any problems. It seems to me that the reverse plays an important role here. If you make two passes with different directions of rotation, then the result is much better than with one pass. The bones are very carefully separated. Well, it’s worth mentioning the taste of the resulting juice - it is amazingly tasty. It's damn nice to squeeze 200-250 ml of orange or grapefruit lemon juice in the morning and consume it at breakfast.
It seems to me that such a simple machine could cost less. She has no problem with versatility, in fact she can only work with citrus fruits.
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