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The best electric scooters with a maximum load of 100+ kg
Electric scooters that are designed for heavy users
The best lightweight electric scooters (up to 12.5 kg)
Electric scooters weighing up to 12.5 kg for comfortable use in urban environments
The best electric scooters with extended range
Electric vehicles of a new era with an autonomous range of over 40 km on a single battery charge
Tips for choosing an electric scooter
Factors affecting the choice of a good scooter include the motor, battery, weight, and other features
How to choose a scooter for an adult
Which scooter to choose: urban, stunt or electric and what you should pay attention to
How to choose a scooter for children: tips for parents
Which scooter is better to consider for a particular age and how to choose it correctly
How to choose a reliable stunt scooter or everything you need to know about compression systems
Educational programme on the types of compressions on which the reliability, weight and ease of maintenance of the scooter depends
The best stunt scooters
Scooters with an increased margin of safety, a reliable compression system and other features