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What is Sous vide technology (sous vide) and is it needed in the home kitchen
Cooking homemade dishes "under vacuum" will expand the family menu and pleasantly surprise your guests
Without dirt and streaks: TOP 5 vacuum cleaners for cleaning windows
Convenient cordless wipers to quickly clean windows and other smooth surfaces around the house
TOP-5 freezers with a height of 185 cm
Freezers from 185 cm high, with No Frost system and other "buns"
Cold accumulators — types and recommendations for use
Let's determine which types of cold accumulators are appropriate for different purposes
TOP 5 coffee grinders with grind adjustment
Coffee grinders that provide ground coffee for different brewing techniques
Guide to key Xiaomi sub-brands
The Chinese corporation Xiaomi operates over two hundred subsidiaries.
ТОП-5 компактных беспроводных ручных пылесосов
Удобные аккумуляторные устройства, которые помогут без лишних хлопот собрать пыль, крошки и прочий мелкий мусор
How to choose a car cooler
Having chilled food and drinks during the trip is an additional element of comfort for both the driver and passengers