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Приемлемая картинка без переплат: ТОП-5 недорогих телевизоров с 32-дюймовым экраном
Недорогие телики на 32-дюймовой диагонали с хорошим качеством картинки и не только
How to choose a TV diagonal for the room and what resolution to choose?
Is it always worth taking a bigger TV? Perhaps 55" will be too much for a small room, but 32 is just right?
Which is better for gaming - TV or monitor?
Why do many gamers buy PC TVs, while others connect game consoles to monitors
How to determine the colour rendition of the monitor by characteristics?
We deal with the types of matrices, bit depth, colour gamuts and Pantone / CalMAN certifications
How to calculate the distance from the projector to the screen?
In simple words about the features of placing projectors in front of screens
Хорошая картинка без переплат: ТОП-5 доступных 50-дюймовых телевизоров
50-дюймовые телевизоры с 4K и Smart TV и не только на бюджет до 600 – 650 долларов
How to choose a surge protector
We consider from different angles the issues of protecting household appliances from too high or low voltage
Use of NFC technology in household appliances, smart home and wearable electronics
NFC is not only smart payments. We understand how and why this technology is used in other areas