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GA.MA Elegance Led Bloom

Photos - Hair Dryer GA.MA Elegance Led Bloom
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GA.MA Elegance Led Bloom
46 W
Temperature modes
Temperature control
130 – 230 °C
Plate width
25 mm
Plate length
120 mm
Coating of the heating element
automatic switch-off / after 60 minutes /
Nozzles and accessories
Hanging loop
Cord twist 360°
Cable length
3 m
240 g
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Added to E-Catalog
may 2018




Tourmaline coated plates. Extended floating plates. Eyelet.

A relatively inexpensive universal hair straightener, dressed in a bright body. The model is presented in three colours: orange, purple and pink. The weight of the device is only 240 g, the length is 30 cm. Such dimensions make it easier to use the iron, it is convenient to hold it in your hand and take it with you on the road. The device is equipped with floating tourmaline plates 25 mm wide and 12 mm long.

These parameters, combined with a power of 26 W, allow you to straighten voluminous and thick hair without spending a lot of time on it. The GA.MA Elegance Led Bloom styler is equipped with one universal straightener nozzle with an electronic temperature system. The heating element operates in 6 modes (from 130 to 230 °C), which allows you to effectively smooth hair of any length and type. The iron will automatically turn off every 60 minutes. A feature of Elegance Led Bloom is the automatic power switching function in the range from 110 to 240 watts. Thanks to this, the iron will work without problems from the mains in any country. Additional features: plate lock and swivel cable.

The information in the model description is for reference purposes.
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Quality straightener! I recommend to buy!
The girl ordered a hair straightener for her birthday. They advised to pay attention to the Italian company GA.MA. Having studied the information on the Internet, I came to the conclusion that the company is quite well-known, specializing in hair technology, both for home use and professional. In all respects, I liked this hair straightener. I also bribed the bright design of the iron. I chose orange. The girl was very pleased with the gift. She has slightly wavy hair, sometimes fluffy.
The iron is light and thin. It is easy to hold in your hand and convenient to operate. They can make hair straight, or you can make curls that look very natural. In general, one gadget can make different hairstyles. The girl straightens her hair a maximum of two times a week,
and curls does, maybe once a month. We did not notice any changes in the condition of the hair, they did not become worse, they do not break off. There is a button to lock it closed. Buttons of inclusion and the choice of temperature. Plates with rounded edges glide smoothly and easily through the hair.
It has been working well for six months now. The cord is very long, even a bit too much for home use, rotates 360 degrees and has a hook for hanging. The plates heat up very quickly, you need to be careful. As a result, the hair is very soft, smooth, shiny, like after a salon!
- ease of use;
- bright modern design;
- tourmaline floating plates;
- 5 heating modes;
- 360 degree swivel cord
- auto-off after 60 minutes.
- inconvenient lock button.
Валентин К.use GA.MA Elegance Led Bloom a few months
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The device belongs to low-cost models, but at the same time it is not much inferior to more expensive competitors. Its main feature is its striking design: there are options with pink, orange and purple body, which is combined with turquoise plates, buttons and a cord. The device stands out against the background of other straighteners with a more traditional design, so you can safely take it as a gift.

In addition, the flat iron is thin and light (240 g), so it is comfortable to hold and the hand does not get tired even after long-term use. The cord is long and swivel, there is an eyelet for hanging and a lock button for keeping closed. However it is not very comfortable and switches tightly.


The plates of the straightener are elongated — 12 cm, so styling long and thick hair will not take much time. They are coated with tourmaline, which is considered one of the safest: it is considered to retain moisture and is suitable for daily use. But at the same time, it is still better to use additional means with thermal protection. Also, the plates are floating: they spring back if you press too hard, and thus protect the strand from overheating.

The iron does not tear, pull or tangle the hair, the curls slide easily between the plates. And although the edges of the case are not rounded, but more angular, with the help of GA.MA Elegance Led Bloom, you can not only straighten, but also curl your hair.

6 temperature settings

The temperature is adjustable from low and more gentle to high. In total, 6 modes are available: 130, 150, 170, 190, 210 and 230 degrees. After switching on, the device heats up in just 30 seconds. But be careful: the upper part becomes hot during operation. After 60 minutes, the straightener will automatically turn off.

As a result, this model will cope with hair of any length and type: thin, thick, and fluffy.

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