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Slik 1550

Photos - Camera Bag Slik 1550
Slik 1550
tripods case
Product type
External compartments
1 pcs
Carrying handle
Shoulder strap
550 mm / length /
Added to E-Catalog
may 2016

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Sumdex NRC-404
from 1 080 ₴
backpack, for mirror, dimensions: 254x438x140 mm, for camera: 178x102x89 mm, tripod mount, rain cover
Case Logic Bryker Camera/Drone Medium Backpack
from 2 617 ₴
backpack, for mirror, dimensions: 270x190x410 mm, weight: 710 g, tripod mount, rain cover
Continent FF-01
from 350 ₴
bag, for mirror, dimensions: 185x130x170 mm
Sumdex POC-483
from 271 ₴
bag, for mirror, dimensions: 185x160x220 mm, for camera: 165x115x195 mm
Case Logic DCB-304
from 950 ₴
bag, for compacts, dimensions: 190x121x178 mm, for camera: 147x76x117 mm, weight: 230 g
Peak Design Everyday Totepack 20L V2
from 8 630 ₴
backpack, for mirror, dimensions: 460x380x170 mm, for camera: 380x320x150 mm, weight: 1050 g
Case Logic SLR Camera Backpack
from 2 952 ₴
backpack, for mirror, dimensions: 439x213x290 mm, for camera: 378x125x272 mm, weight: 1540 g, tripod mount, rain cover
Case Logic DCB-305
from 799 ₴
bag, video cameras, dimensions: 201x140x150 mm, for camera: 140x76x89 mm, weight: 1360 g
Continent FF-05
from 440 ₴
bag, for mirror, dimensions: 215x125x210 mm, for camera: 160x80x135 mm
Continent FF-03
from 446 ₴
bag, for mirror, dimensions: 260x210x165 mm, for camera: 210x180x130 mm
Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 350 AW II
from 9 811 ₴
backpack, for mirror, dimensions: 320x250x480 mm, for camera: 280x150x420 mm, weight: 2390 g, tripod mount, rain cover
Vanguard Vesta Aspire 21
from 1 343 ₴
bag, for mirror, dimensions: 250x165x220 mm, for camera: 220x135x195 mm, weight: 330 g

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