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Tefal TI 1200

Photos - Ironing Board Tefal TI 1200
Tefal TI 1200
Countertop material
metal grid
Work surface size
124х40 cm
iron stand
height adjustment
hanger holder
Maximum height
93 cm
Min. height
70 cm
6 kg
Added to E-Catalog
december 2017


Large iron stand. Hanger holder.
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Tefal TI1200E1

Виробник: Tefal
Stylus.uaWith us for more than 10 years
2 801 

Прасувальна дошка Tefal TI1200E1

Openshop.uaWith us for 2 years
Warranty: 12 month
3 215 

Tefal TI1200E1

Производитель: Tefal
ЦифраWith us for 6 years
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Foroom.com.uaWith us for 4 years
Warranty: 12 month
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Гладильная доска Tefal TI1200E1

Гладильная доска Устройство имеет размеры 124 см х 40 см и возможность адаптации высоты (70-93 см), что позволяет легко и быс... moreтро гладить, независимо от размера и типа материала. Высокое качество используемых материалов делает прибор идеальным для работы с утюгом и парогенератором. Небольшой вес устройства и держатель для вешалок обеспечивают идеальные условия глажения и облегчают транспортировку и хранение устройства. Эта универсальная гладильная доска – идеальное решение для вашего дома. Большие размеры в сочетании с высококачественными материалами делают его идеальным для повседневного использования. Доска легка и устойчива к повреждениям, а практическая регулировка высоты обеспечивает ком
Tomdom.prom.uaWith us for 2 years
3 899 
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Made in a laconic design, the Tefal brand ironing board provides a moderately large work surface 124 cm long and 40 cm wide. Such dimensions should be enough for ironing various things, from T-shirts or shirts to long trousers, dresses or bed linen.

Both the top and base of the Tefal TI 1200 are made from durable materials such as wire mesh and steel. The legs can be fixed at a suitable height, up to 93 cm. The model easily unfolds and folds for storage, and its weight of 6 kg is not critical for carrying, but is sufficient to provide good stability and avoid accidental tipping.

Practical stand

The ironing surface received the usual form factor with a narrowed part on one end and a wider one on the other. Behind the extension is a fairly large, wide stand. It will fit both an ordinary household iron and a steam generator, including very bulky branded solutions from Tefal.

Hanger holders complete the stand. They will fit a lot of hangers with blouses, shirts and other wardrobe items, which, upon completion of ironing, will be easy to move to the closet. Also, these holders will act as a kind of protective boards that prevent the iron from falling.

As the owners note, the countertop passes steam well and does not deform over time. The proposed cotton cover helps the model fit into almost any interior. But the thickness of the fabric lining leaves much to be desired, and therefore there are questions about its durability.

Anyway, Tefal TI 1200 is a quality ironing accessory from a trusted manufacturer.

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