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Asynchronous generators

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— the asynchronous alternator is called so because the rotor (rotating part) in such mechanisms, during rotation, somewhat outstrips the movement of the magnetic field created by the stator (fixed part). This is the simplest and most inexpensive type of alternators, which is also distinguished by high reliability, good protection from external influences and insensitivity to short circuits and prolonged overloads; the latter allows, in particular, the use of such generators with welding machines. However, nowadays, alternators of this type are used quite rarely, for which there are several reasons at once. Firstly, asynchronous units are mainly designed to power active loads such as lighting or appliances with electric heaters, they do not tolerate reactive loads that consume very high currents (for example, electric motors) when starting up. Secondly, the voltage and frequency of the output current in such models directly depend on the speed of rotation of the engine, and it is technically difficult and does not make sense to provide automatic adjustment. Thirdly, for electric welding, you can use not only a generator and a separate device, but also a specialized welding generator (see "Functions and Capabilities"), which allows you to do without a separate device; and such specialized generators are made mostly synchronous.
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Generator Vortex VG 8500
Vortex VG 8500
Engine:petrol, 4 stroke, tank 15 L
Power:3 kW, maximum 3.5 kW, 400 V
Power supply:sockets 2, output 12V
Additionally:manual start
Dimensions:43 kg
Price from 9 000 ₴
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Generator Geko 2801 E-A/SHBA
Geko 2801 E-A/SHBA
Engine:petrol, 4 stroke, tank 12.5 L
Power:2.5 kW, 230 B
Power supply:sockets 2
Additionally:manual start, wheels, hour metre
Dimensions:670x445x485 mm, 48 kg
Price from 37 999 ₴
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Generator Lifan 3500 iO
Lifan 3500 iO
Engine:petrol, 4 stroke, tank 10 L
Power:2.8 kW, maximum 3 kW, 230 B
Power supply:sockets 2, output 12V, USB charging port
Additionally:electric starter
Dimensions:515х425х425 mm, 36 kg
Price from 25 995 ₴
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