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Esperanza EBG006

Photos - Hair Removal Esperanza EBG006
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Esperanza EBG006
Number of speeds
trimmer attachment
Source of power
batteries / 2хАА /
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november 2019
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Esperanza EBG006 Bahamas

Призначення: косметичний / Кількість насадок: 3 / Матеріал лез: сталь / Вага: 110 г
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Тример жіночий Esperanza Bahamas EBG006

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Тример для бікіні Esperanza EBG006

Забирайте щодня в одному з 600 магазинів по всій Україні
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Warranty: 12 month manufacturer

Тример жіночий бритва Esperanza EBG006 Bahamas

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Philips SatinShave Prestige BRL 170
from 2 542 ₴
trimmer, nozzles: foil shaver, trimmer, crest, for smoothing, wet hair removal, battery
Braun Silk-epil 9 SensoSmart 9020
from 4 560 ₴
tweezer epilator, nozzles: point, для новичков, foil shaver, crest, massager, wet hair removal, backlight, network and battery, up to 50 min
Braun Silk-epil 3 3270
from 1 599 ₴
tweezer epilator, nozzles: для новичков, foil shaver, crest, backlight, net
Braun Silk-Epil 1 1170
from 899 ₴
tweezer epilator, net
Braun FaceSpa 810
from 2 308 ₴
tweezer epilator, nozzles: eyebrow hair removal, facial peeling, wet hair removal, batteries
Braun Silk-epil 9 SensoSmart 9001
from 5 287 ₴
tweezer epilator, nozzles: для новичков, wet hair removal, backlight, battery, up to 50 min
Panasonic ES-ED92
from 2 904 ₴
tweezer epilator, nozzles: point, для новичков, foil shaver, crest, for rough skin, wet hair removal, backlight, battery
Rowenta Silence Soft EP 5640
from 1 499 ₴
tweezer epilator, nozzles: delicate, foil shaver, for rough skin, backlight, net
Ardesto LESH-Y305
from 589 ₴
tweezer epilator, battery, up to 40 min
Philips Satinelle Essential BRE 235
from 1 246 ₴
disc epilator, nozzles: delicate, wet hair removal, net
Philips Lumea 9000 BRI 958
from 18 675 ₴
photoepilator, power levels: 5, nozzles: for body, лица, подмышек, зоны бикини, battery, outbreaks: 450 thousand

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