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Gorenje FH 151 AW 139 L

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Gorenje FH 151 AW
Product type
chest freezer
139 L
Power failure autonomy
20 h
Freeze capacity
7 kg/day
Mechanical lock
external rotary knobs
Energy class (new)
Energy consumption per year
227 kWh
Climate class
SN, N, ST, T
Operation at sub-zero temperatures
/ up to -15 °C /
Noise level
40 dB
Noise class
Dimensions (HxWxD)
84.2x69.7x55.7 cm
Official website
Added to E-Catalog
august 2019

Ability to work at temperatures down to -15°C.

This chest freezer from the popular Slovenian brand Gorenje, which is primarily remarkable for its ability to work at temperatures down to -15°C, which allows you to place the device outdoors or in an unheated room. The model is equipped with a hinged lid, which can be closed with a special lock to restrict access to children. The freezer has a useful volume of 139 liters, which is enough to store food for a family of 3 or use the equipment as an additional freezer in professional use.

The control panel is formed from classic mechanical switches that are located at the bottom of the front panel; next to it are bright indicators of the network and compressor operation. Chest freezer Gorenje FH 151 AW has an A + energy class, which indicates a fairly economical consumption of electricity. The equipment is equipped with internal illumination providing good visibility inside the working compartment. In the event of a device failure or disconnection from electricity, the excellent thermal insulation of the walls will keep the cold inside for 32 hours. The package includes a small wire basket, which is easily and simply fixed at the top of the main working compartment and in which you can store the most frequently used products.

The information in the model description is for reference purposes.
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Gorenje FH151AW

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Gorenje FH151AW

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22 January 2022, 14:40
Добрый день. Подскажите габариты, не совсем понимаю. Интересует ширина, и длина #
наружная, чтоб замерять балкон(139 литров)
28 August 2020, 23:41
"-15"???????? #
На сайте gorenje в документах к прибору: инструкциях, наклейках и т.д. НИГДЕ нету про "-15"!!! только одно(!!!) упоминание в описании модели.
Как узнать, существует ли эта опция в реальности?
19 September 2021, 17:56
А если температура ниже - 15 #
А если температура ниже минус 15 он выключится?

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