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Heng Long M41A3 Walker Bulldog 1:16 (3839-1)

Photos - RC Tank Heng Long M41A3 Walker Bulldog 1:16
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Model Scale: 1:16; Type: tank; Age: 14+; Shooting: air gun; Firing range (m): 25; Tower rotation; Recoil when fired; Smoke generator; Battery capacity (Ah): 1.7; Working time (min): 40; Radio channel frequency: 27 MHz; Power source: 8xAA; Subclass: американские танки; Dimensions (mm): 500х225х220
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Heng Long M41A3 Walker Bulldog 1:16
Model Scale1:16
Shootingair gun
Firing range25 m
Tower rotation / на 320° /
Raise the gun / на 30° /
Turn in place
Recoil when fired
Sound effects
Lighting effects
Smoke generator
Battery capacity1.7 Ah
Battery voltage7.2 V
Battery typeNi-Cd
Number of batteries1
Working hours40 min
Radio channel frequency27 MHz
Power source8xAA
Copy of the original
Categoryтанки второй мировой
Subclassамериканские танки
Track materialplastic
Dimensions500х225х220 mm
Added to E-Catalogjanuary 2015

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Additional features rc tank Heng Long M41A3 Walker Bulldog 1:16:
  • Airgun fires 6mm projectiles
  • Fluid for smoke generator included
Model modifications:
  • Model M41A3 Walker Bulldog 1:16 — tank undercarriage made of polymer materials
  • Model M41A3 Walker Bulldog Pro 1:16 — metal tank undercarriage

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