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Yunteng VCT-5208

Photos - Tripod Yunteng VCT-5208
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Yunteng VCT-5208
By appointment
for cameras
for phones and action cameras
Minimum Height
45 cm
Maximum height
125 cm
Leg sections
Head type
Built-in level
Maximum load
1.5 kg
Complete with head
Remote control
Case included
Body material (legs)
Support material
0.6 kg
Length (folded)
41 cm
Added to E-Catalog
may 2019
Aluminium legs. Sliding smartphone holder. Remote control included. Light weight.

The information in the model description is for reference purposes.
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Do not try to buy / bestow "otse", for you will forfeit pennies / filthy moods.
Having taken this model from a gift ....
The plastic elements of fixation at the bottom began to crack, the clamps (2 pieces) that regulate the height also cracked, the remote control worked only on the stop/stop. Tse only the first time yogo rozklav / slav, but what will be given ?????
Solid shortfall
use Yunteng VCT-5208 less than a month
severely flawed model
I couldn't use them.
When unpacking, the leg immediately broke off, the connecting plate made of plastic is very delicate. Maybe they sent a broken one. But they wrote "Professional".
Very handy tripod
Satisfied with the product and the quality. The tripod folds compactly, is lightweight, unfolds quickly and without problems. Durable - metal legs but plastic top. The maximum height is a little over a meter, which is enough for me, everything is easily adjusted and fixed.
It is very convenient to take it with you to work and on trips. I bought it for shooting videos, but now I use it just for photos, it especially helps out on trips - now you don’t need to ask strangers to take pictures, but for cool selfies it’s generally a must-have =). I use it for mobile shooting, but it is also suitable for a light camera (there is a mount for the camera). The remote catches normally, the signal is lost only after about twenty steps, there were no problems with the connection. The only drawback is that the remote control on the iPhone does not zoom in on the video mode, but simply adds or subtracts the sound.
Price, comfortable, light
The remote on the iPhone does not zoom in on the video mode, but simply adds and reduces the sound
Marynause Yunteng VCT-5208 a few months
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High-quality tripods at an adequate cost are the backbone of the products of the Chinese brand Yunteng. Its model VCT-5208 is suitable for a set of compact cameras and interchangeable lenses, mounting an action camera or a fixed fixation of a smartphone.

Classic design

The tripod rests on three aluminium legs interconnected by jumpers to the central stem. The fixed camera is raised on it in the height range from 45 to 125 cm. The retractable parts of the tripod legs are fixed with plastic latches — two on each leg. On the "top of the mountain" Yunteng VCT-5208 is a three-dimensional head. More about her.


Out of the box, the tripod comes with a sliding smartphone holder, on board which mobile gadgets with a body width of 5 to 10 cm can be taken. The smartphone is fixed in the mounting grooves with a tightening screw, so you don’t have to worry about the reliability of its “landing”. The range of possibilities of the tripod is expanded by the supplied Bluetooth remote control, with the help of which control signals “over the air” (up to 10 m) are sent to the “mobile phone” camera.

Universal Soldier

In the low-cost price category, you will not find tripods equal to the model during the day with fire. For the same money, some kind of one-time solutions are usually offered, or tripods with a flimsy design. And here you have a holder for the camera, and for a smartphone, and even with support for remote control of the filming process.

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