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Photex FT330A Photex FT330A
Yunteng VCT-880 Yunteng VCT-880
Velbon EX-530 Velbon EX-530
Arsenal ARS-3750 Arsenal ARS-3750
Yunteng VCT-5208 Yunteng VCT-5208
Slik Able 300DX Slik Able 300DX
Photex FT330A Yunteng VCT-880 Velbon EX-530 Arsenal ARS-3750 Yunteng VCT-5208 Slik Able 300DX
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from 2 472 ₴
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for cameras
for video cameras
for cameras
for video cameras
for cameras
for video cameras
for cameras
for video cameras
for cameras
for phones and action cameras
for cameras
Minimum Height55 cm62 cm53 cm65 cm45 cm35 cm
Maximum height137 cm165 cm161 cm161 cm125 cm155 cm
Leg sections333333
Lifting mechanism
Head type3D2D3D3D3D3D
Removable head
Removable platform
Built-in level
Maximum load3 kg5 kg4.08 kg3.5 kg1.5 kg5 kg
Complete with head
Remote control
Hook for handbag
Case included
Body material (legs)aluminiumaluminiumaluminiumsteelaluminiumaluminium
Support materialrubberrubberrubberrubberrubberrubber
Weight0.82 kg1.8 kg1.45 kg1.52 kg0.6 kg2.6 kg
Length (folded)53 cm67 cm47 cm61.5 cm41 cm65.5 cm
Added to E-Catalogmarch 2014may 2018march 2014june 2012may 2019june 2012
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Popular models
Manfrotto MT190XPRO3
from 9 000 ₴
tripod floor, headless, 160 cm, aluminium, 2 kg, bar flip
Velbon EX-Mini
from 1 077 ₴
tripod floor, 42 cm, aluminium, 0.46 kg, head: 2D, case
Arsenal ARS-3710
from 679 ₴
tripod floor, 140 cm, aluminium, 0.83 kg, head: 3D, lifting mechanism, case
Slik Pro 400DX Leg
from 4 730 ₴
tripod floor, headless, 146 cm, aluminium, 2 kg
Bosch BT-250 Professional
from 4 747 ₴
tripod floor, 250 cm, aluminium, head: 3D, lifting mechanism
Arsenal ARS-1330
from 508 ₴
tripod floor, 128 cm, aluminium, 0.7 kg, head: 2D, lifting mechanism
Velbon Sherpa 5470D
from 3 796 ₴
tripod floor, 157 cm, aluminium, 1.94 kg, head: 3D, case
Benro A-268/BH-1
from 6 384 ₴
tripod floor, 152 cm, aluminium, 1.8 kg, head: ball, case
Velbon EX-Macro
from 1 232 ₴
tripod floor, 56 cm, aluminium, 0.57 kg, head: 3D, case

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