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Bort BDR-2300-R

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Bort BDR-2300-R
Typehousehold steam cleaner
In boxfloor nozzle
carpet nozzle
textile nozzle
point jet nozzle
angle nozzle
round brush
window nozzle
Power2100 W
Steam flow45 g/min
Boiler tank volume1.5 L
Continuous operation time35 min
Heating time360 s
Steam power regulator
Overheat protection
Nozzle compartment
Power cord rewind
More specs
Steam hose length1.5 m
Power cord length2 m
Dimensions (HxWxD)30x52x29 cm
Weight5.6 kg
Added to E-Catalogfebruary 2019

A practical household steam cleaner with an impressive water tank capacity, good performance and excellent equipment. It is positioned as a product of the middle price category in 2019, focused on home use. It will be useful for general cleaning, when you need to quickly and efficiently clean your home / office from dirt, dust, harmful microbes and mold that provoke allergies. It will help not only to remove greasy stains and old dirt from any surface, but also to steam clothes or curtains.

Works well for car cleaning. The Bort BDR-2300-R steam cleaner warms up and enters the operating mode in about 6 minutes. Able to give a powerful jet of steam with a flow rate of up to 45 g / min. The capacity of a 1.5-liter tank is enough for 30 minutes of continuous operation, which is quite enough to restore perfect order. If the work is not completed, just add water to the tank when the device cools down a bit.

The pinpoint nozzle provides easy cleaning of corners and hard-to-reach places. The floor nozzle is used to clean and disinfect various floor coverings. The window and door cleaner is designed for thorough cleaning of glass surfaces, windows and mirrors. The clothes nozzle allows you to quickly freshen / smooth clothes and is suitable for furniture. Small round brush with metal bristles for cleaning grills, grates and fireplaces. The carpet nozzle makes it easy to steam any type of carpet.

Information in model description is for reference purposes.
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Touch5 year with us
Warranty: manufacturer
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Пароочищувач Bort BDR-2300-R (93722609)

ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ ПАРАМЕТРЫТип ПароочистительАвтономная работа, мин 35Тип питания От сети 220 ВПотребляемая мощность, Вт 2100Длина... moreкабеля, м 2.7ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНОПроизводитель BortЦвет БирюзовыйОсобенности Макс давление 4 бар; Постоянная подача пара 45 г мин; Температура пара 143 С; Емкость бачка, 1500 мл; Время нагревания 360 с; Длина шланга 1,5 м; Частота тока 50 Гц; Без использования моющого средства; year with us
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Пароочисник Bort BDR-2300-R (93722609)

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Пароочиститель BORT BDR-2300-R

ПОДРОБНОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ Пароочиститель Bort BDR-2300-R – это компактное, но мощное устройство, позволяющее быстро и качественно оч... moreистить любые поверхности, которые не боятся пара. Большой набор специальных аксессуаров, входящих в комплект, сделают генеральную уборку лёгкой и приятной. Bort BDR-2300-R отлично отмоет пол, плитку, почистит ковры, придаст зеркальный блеск стекольным покрытиям,
Baza-ua.com5 year with us
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Пароочисник Bort BDR-2300-R [99168]

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