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Casio LTP-2069D-4A

Photos - Wrist Watch Casio LTP-2069D-4A
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Casio LTP-2069D-4A
Country of originJapan
Movement typequartz
Calibermodule 5420
Second hand+
Travel accuracy+/- 20 s/month
Travel (power) sourcebattery
Dial typeturnout
Dial markingstags + arabic
Featuresday of the week
date (day of the month)
time format 12/24 h
Case and strap
Hull shaperound
Materialstainless steel
Colourstainless steel
Glass materialmineral
Strapbracelet steel
Strap colourstainless steel
Claspclip (unfolds)
Waterproof WR50
Diameter (width)37 mm
Thickness8 mm
Weight64 g
Official websitecasio-europe.com
Added to E-Catalogmarch 2014
EAN / UPS / GTIN code

Casio quartz movement. Display date and day of the week. Format 12/24. Original pink dial.
The battery provides the watch with sufficient power for approximately three years.

Elegant and practical women's mechanical quartz watch with a universal analog calendar and 24-hour time display. Positioned as an affordable product of the middle price category, designed for the widest range of users who prefer stylish and comfortable solutions for everyday use. They are distinguished by a classic and, at the same time, original round dial. Three additional slash zones and a Geneva wave trim give it a rich look, while the use of a light pink colour scheme works well with a variety of skin tones and a variety of light-coloured clothing styles.

A relatively small, rugged, traditional-shaped case is made of high-quality polished chrome-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic to the skin. The dial of the Casio LTP-2069D-4A watch is protected by a durable scratch-resistant mineral glass. The manufacturer declares a basic level of water resistance WR 50m, which allows you not to be afraid of splashing water and precipitation. In addition, the watch easily tolerates short-term immersion to a depth of 1 m. For fixing on the hand, a spectacular polished steel bracelet with a convenient and reliable folding clip clasp is provided.

The information in the model description is for reference purposes.
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Часы Casio LTP-2069D-4AVEG

Производитель: Япония / механизм: кварцевый / стекло: минеральное / тип индикации: стрелочная / корпус: сталь / водонепроница... moreемость: 50 м / браслет: стальной / пол модели часов: женские / форма: Круглые / гарантия: 24 мес.;
Watch4you.com.uaWith us for 5 years
4 020 


Secunda.com.uaWith us for 5 years
4 020 

Женские часы Casio LTP-2069D-4AVEF LTP-2069D-4AVEF

Строгие, сдержанные, вместе с этим многофункциональные часы Casio LTP-2069D-4A – отличная находка для женщин, выбирающих акт... moreивное времяпрепровождение и ценящих пунктуальность. Внимание поклонниц Casio этот представитель привлечет в считанные секунды и удержит его надолго благодаря неповторимому дизайну и качеству сборки. Традиционные стальной корпус и круглый розовый циферблат создают некий шарм модели LTP-2069D-4AVEF.
Chasovyk.com.uaWith us for 7 years
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Цвет корпуса - серебристый;... moreФорма корпуса - круглые;
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Warranty: manufacturer
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Casio LTP-2069D-4A

Наручные часы, отображение даты и дня недели. 24-х часовой формат времени. минеральное стекло устойчивое к возникновению цара... moreпин. стекло имеет сферическую поверхность. браслет из нержавеющей стали. браслетный замок с тройным сгибом, растегиваемый одним касанием. срок службы батареи 3 года. точность хода: не хуже +/-20 секунд в месяц. размер корпуса 31x36,5x8,4 мм.
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Casio Casio LTP-2069D-4AV

Марка — CASIO Модель — LTP-2069D-4AV Страна бренда — Япония Пол — женские Стиль — классика Механизм — кварцевый Стекло — мине... moreральное Водонепроницаемый — WR50 (5 атм) Материал корпуса — нержавеющая сталь Материал ремня/браслета — нержавеющая сталь Ширина корпуса — 31,0 мм Толщина корпуса — 8,0 мм Гарантия — 2 года
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6 835 

Stylish women's accessory

Quartz watches from the reputable Japanese company Casio are among the most popular women's models. The main highlight of the design is the pink backing of the dial. It immediately catches the eye, but does not stand out from the general classical style, thereby not depriving the accessory of its versatility.

Offered by the manufacturer and a related version of the model with a blue dial — Casio LTP-2069D-2A2.

Durable and practical

Case Casio LTP-2069D-4A with a width of 36.5 mm looks harmoniously on almost any female wrist. It, like the watch bracelet, is made of durable silver-coloured steel. The water resistance of the case is claimed at 5 atmospheres (WR50M): the watch does not have to be removed to take a shower or bath.

The total weight does not exceed 64 grams, so the model is almost not felt on the hand. A folding clip will ensure reliable fixation.

Accurate move and additional information

For reporting time in Casio LTP-2069D-4A, a proprietary quartz movement with three hands is responsible. It is characterized by overall high reliability, minimal travel errors (up to 20 seconds of lag or rush per month) and good battery life (up to 3 years from one battery).

In addition to the main dial, there are three auxiliary ones. Near the three-hour mark is a dial indicator of the day of the month, and next to the "nine" — the day of the week. Above the "six" is a mini-dial format 12/24: it will tell you what time it is — before or after noon.

Casio LTP-2069D-4A is not only affordable, but also very informative watch for fans of the classics with original notes.

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