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Comparison garden Sprinklers

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Sturm 3015-03-IS Sturm 3015-03-IS
GRINDA 8-427687 GRINDA 8-427687
Fiskars 1023661 Fiskars 1023661
Verdemax 9552 Verdemax 9552
Zubr 40455 Zubr 40455
Presto-Ps 8107 Presto-Ps 8107
Sturm 3015-03-IS GRINDA 8-427687 Fiskars 1023661 Verdemax 9552 Zubr 40455 Presto-Ps 8107
Compare prices 2The product is outdatedCompare prices 12
from 770 ₴
The product is outdated
The product is outdated
from 390 ₴
Expecting restock
Number of nozzles1720181612
Nozzle lock keys6
Spraying angle (°)360 °
Irrigation angle adjustment
Сoverage distance5.8 m7.5 m
Minimum coverage area300 m²
Max. coverage area105 m²500 m²360 m²260 m²177 m²
Pressure4 bar
Water consumption0.5 m³/h
Pressure control
Additional output
Added to E-Catalogmay 2019august 2016june 2018may 2016may 2018may 2019
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Popular models
Karcher RS 130/3
from 589 ₴
pinwheel, platform, watering: up to 6.5 m, up to 133 m², circular irrigation
Karcher CS 90
from 239 ₴
static, platform, watering: up to 4.5 m, up to 64 m², angle adjustment
Karcher CS 90 Spike
from 239 ₴
static, leg, watering: up to 4.5 m, up to 64 m², circular irrigation
Karcher MS 100
from 399 ₴
static, platform, watering: up to 78 m², angle adjustment
Karcher PS 300
from 466 ₴
impulse, leg, watering: up to 15 m, up to 706 m², angle adjustment
Karcher OS 3.220
from 799 ₴
oscillating, platform, watering: up to 17 m, up to 220 m², angle adjustment
Karcher OS 5.320 S
from 1 299 ₴
oscillating, platform, watering: up to 20 m, up to 320 m², angle adjustment
Karcher RS 120/2
from 539 ₴
pinwheel, platform, watering: up to 6 m, up to 113 m², circular irrigation
Karcher OS 5.320 SV
from 1 499 ₴
oscillating, platform, watering: up to 20 m, up to 320 m², angle adjustment
VERTO 15G773
from 1 296 ₴
oscillating, leg, watering: up to 208 m², angle adjustment
Fiskars 1023664
from 385 ₴
static, platform, watering: up to 7 m, up to 150 m², circular irrigation
VERTO 15G770
from 562 ₴
oscillating, platform, watering: up to 336 m², angle adjustment

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